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  • 2012 Royal Enfield Classic 500 specifications

    I am a proud owner of 2012 Royal Enfiled Classic 500cc . I rarely find complete specification on Internet so I uploaded myself.

  • Power Programming with Tags

    Power Programming with Tags

    Source tagging is very powerful source code navigation system, it beats any state of the art IDE. If you are using Emacs, Vim and TextMate then you can use source tagging for navigation. Here are the few simple steps to do it. Step 1. Install ctags in your system. For mac $ sudo port install…

  • 2009 Pulsar 150 specifications

    These are extended or full Bajaj Pulsar 150 specification make 2009.

  • Curl – A gentle slope system

    Curl is intended to be a gentle slope system, accessible to content creators at all skill levels ranging from authors new to the web to experienced programmers. By using a simple, uniform language syntax and semantics, Curl avoids the discontinuities experienced by current web users who have to juggle HTML, JavaScript, Java, Perl, etc. to…

  • GnuWin32 – GNU on Windows

    GNU is an operating system that Richard Stallman developed in 1983 to provide a completely free and open-source software environment. It comprises various Unix-like tools, such as compilers, editors, and other utilities. GnuWin32 is a project that ports these tools to the Windows environment. This blog post will discuss GnuWin32, how it works, and its…

  • Python 3.0

    Python has some good news: Python Enhancement Proposal 3000 (PEP 3000) states that the Py3k project will lead to a new version of Python that will no longer be compatible with 2.x. The original PEP 3000 was written in April 2006, and since then, developers have been constantly improving the language. The PEP 3000 states…