Category: Software

  • Firefox Sync

    Firefox Sync. formally weave. I always wanted that I can continue my Firefox session from one place to anther. You don’t need to save password, you don’t have to save you history through Google Toolbar. You wont need bookmark addons. This is simply great. How many times did you left your computer at work on/hibernated […]

  • Lucid Lynx โ€“ Free manโ€™s Mac

    No matter how much I hate Apple and Macintosh for their marketing strategies, but I always appreciate innovation and consistency. Although price is also a factor. No matter how much you bid to pay but you could never estimate the price of universal compatibility and top class user experience with the availability of option at […]

  • Blogging from emacs

    Emacs is my favorite editor and I mostly use this on my work. I am also an occasional blogger. I feel uncomfortable going on my blog and write something while on work because of various reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚ I found the solution for my problems in Emacs weblogger-mode. I can draft, review, edit, improve, update and […]

  • Curl – A gentle slope system

    Curl is intended to be a gentle slope system, accessible to content creators at all skill levels ranging from authors new to the web to experienced programmers. By using a simple, uniform language syntax and semantics, Curl avoids the discontinuities experienced by current web users who have to juggle HTML, JavaScript, Java, Perl, etc. to create today’s exciting sites. Our hope is that the single environment provided by Curl will be an attractive alternative for web developers