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  • Restore Gnome Default Panels

    Restore Gnome Default Panels

    Many times we screw our gnome desktop panels accidentally. I found a very easy solution to revert them. Just open terminal and type. gconftool-2 –shutdown gconftool –recursive-unset /apps/panel rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel pkill gnome-panel But remember this is not the case when gnome panels get scrambled automatically (Which seems to be a consistent case in Ubutnu […]

  • Lucid Lynx – Free man’s Mac

    No matter how much I hate Apple and Macintosh for their marketing strategies, but I always appreciate innovation and consistency. Although price is also a factor. No matter how much you bid to pay but you could never estimate the price of universal compatibility and top class user experience with the availability of option at […]

  • Urban Terror

    This is a one great game. I tried it and I loved it. To all the counter-strike lovers who got shifted to GNU/Linux this is a life saver. I think there should be some variable to adjust the wall jump, power slide, and inhuman speed. I hope to find some good player skins colors. Things […]

  • Gimp – The ultimate

    I am not new user of gimp, but I am also not a power user of gimp too. Recently I was creating a poster for a office event. I used script-fu -> alpha-to-logo scripts. I have to say that gimp is ultimate. I created a animated blinking neon light GIF of my name. Gimp is […]

  • Blogging from emacs

    Emacs is my favorite editor and I mostly use this on my work. I am also an occasional blogger. I feel uncomfortable going on my blog and write something while on work because of various reasons. 🙂 I found the solution for my problems in Emacs weblogger-mode. I can draft, review, edit, improve, update and […]

  • 13.33

    That the ratio you get when you divide 1000 by 75. What that ? that was the ratio of CRPF and Naxalite rebellion. I just realized that a Naxalite only killed 7.5% of one CRPF personnel. View 1 View 2

  • Programming Republic of Perl

    So I landed in Programming Republic of Perl. I started with “Wall continues to oversee further development of Perl and serves as the Benevolent Dictator for Life of the Perl project. His role in Perl is best conveyed by the so-called 2 Rules, taken from the official Perl documentation: 1. Larry is always by definition […]

  • Rubik's cube

    I can solve a Rubik’s cube. That too in less then 10 minutes. Update: Wednesday, March 10 2010 So I have a request to Update it, Guys now I can do it in around 3 minutes.

  • I love you xkcd

    This does not make any sense I want to say that I love xkcd really loud.

  • GTalk Bookmark button

    On of my computer is old RHEL 5.1 on which I am not allowed to install pidgin. So I was trying to figure out how to create a bookmark button for GTalk gadget. Here is the solution. 🙂 javascript:(function(){open(‘http://talkgadget.google.com/talkgadget/popout’,’_blank’,’width=300,height=445,toolbar=0,status=0,menubar=0,location=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=0′)})();javascript:urchinTracker(‘/talk/outgoing/gadget’) Steps (Firefox): Right click on the Bookmark tool bar. Click on new Bookmark. Copy past he […]

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