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  • Let the mac sleep

    How to turn off/sleep OS X Mac Screen. It took me a lot of researching on internet to find these shortcut keys. Sleep immediately (no confirmation): Cmd-Opt-Eject Put display to sleep: Ctrl-Shift-Eject

  • Power Programming with Tags

    Power Programming with Tags

    Source tagging is very powerful source code navigation system, it beats any state of the art IDE. If you are using Emacs, Vim and TextMate then you can use source tagging for navigation. Here are the few simple steps to do it. Step 1. Install ctags in your system. For mac $ sudo port install…

  • Prevent Googlebot following links in Gmail

    How to prevent googlebot following links in gmail messages? Well bad news is “Googlebot is following links sent to subscribers of a mailing list by email and it is causing those subscribers to receive an unsubscribe meesage or a added download from the list or server”. Bigger Bad news is that age old trick will…

  • Searching in Buffers with Occur Mode – Emacs

    I mostly work on Terminal or Emacs buffer.  I love emacs. Significant part of my work involves searching for a piece of code. Occur mode is similar to grep-find and find-grep. Just that I only search for the buffers which are open. For more info go here: Searching in Buffers with Occur Mode | Mastering…

  • Tmux – Gnu Screen alternative

    I am an ancient user of Gnu Screen. I am the one who will suggest new users use these better tools for servers. Gnu Screen is an excellent tool, but It is tough to configure and learn. Recently I found a replacement. The Tmux! Tmux is very easy to use. The best part is the…

  • Stop doing!

    If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got. W. L. Bateman

  • Can your editor ?

    Can your RoR editor run a web server inside itself, then capture the errors and hop to the error line in code. Well Emacs with Rinari and ruby mode can do magic. You should checkout  Emacs Wiki.

  • balaclava

    I am dieing for a balaclava. Where can I find it in Pune. Does anybody know any really good biking apparel shop.

  • Photo shoot

    Recently Jai came to pune. He is a hell of a photographer. I have used many of his amazing photos on my blog. Here are few shots from his Cannon 1000D with Cannon 50mm prime lens. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution here, and want to view these in full resolution, view them on…

  • Firefox Sync

    Firefox Sync. formally weave. I always wanted that I can continue my Firefox session from one place to anther. You don’t need to save password, you don’t have to save you history through Google Toolbar. You wont need bookmark addons. This is simply great. How many times did you left your computer at work on/hibernated…

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