GTalk Bookmark button

On of my computer is old RHEL 5.1 on which I am not allowed to install pidgin. So I was trying to figure out how to create a bookmark button for GTalk gadget. Here is the solution. 🙂


Steps (Firefox):

  • Right click on the Bookmark tool bar.
  • Click on new Bookmark.
  • Copy past he code given above
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    2009 Pulsar 150 specifications

    I am a proud owner of 2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi. I rarely find complete specification on Internet so I uploaded myself.

    2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi
    2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi

    Best browser – Mozilla Firefox

    So which browser you all like chrome, Opera, konqueror or MS-IE. I like Firefox, why? … there are thousand reasons for that, each one of them is singly enough for switching to Firefox. Not convinced humm… let me explan you.


    Recently I have registered a new domain This is really fantastic feeling. Instead of telling my phone number I am going to tell my tel nick.

    .tel is a new domain name and it is different then any other domain name, It is a directory domain. It is like your web visiting card.

    You can add your contact info, electronic mail id, telephone number, weblog/website etc. check out more here

    –updated (November 30, 2009 at 4:8 pm)–

    Recently I came to know that DNS entry for the .tel domains can not be updated. So there is no way you can host your own directory/custom website. Seriously guys there could be some thing which could be done.


    New Emacs 23 is available.

    After only 2 years since the previous version, new emacs (23) is available.

    It has many new features:

    1. Anti-aliased fonts on X.
    2. there is support for starting emacs in the background, so you can start new emacs windows in the blink of an eye.
    3. There are many other bigger and smaller improvements, including support for D-Bus, Xembed, and viewing PDFs inside emacs.
    4. And a ester egg (not to forget) M-x butterfly ((Not sure what it is? click here)) .

    You can get emacs 23 from or one of its mirrors; alternatively, there are binary packages available, for example from Ubuntu. (source slashdot).

    Programming Technology

    Hands on Flex

    I’ve been very busy for last 4-5 months. But I have been hacking around with many things; Emacs, Vim, Python, Bash, Flex, Silverlight etc… No I am not trying to impress anyone here. Of course I am not master of these things. :).

    Adobe Flex aka Fx is a great open source tool. I happen to understand the Ajax/PHP and Curl so I can compare Flex with these.

    In my opinion Flex is great. You can create a application with minimum ActionScript coding. Basic layout of a flex application is in MXML and ActionScript is used for more control just like we use HTML and JavaScript.

    I have been trying the Flex charting API. I will say that they are extensive and very easy to use. Flex platform is Open Source and licensed under Mozilla Public license.

    I will keep readers updated in Flex as soon as I get to something new.


    Editor war

    Open source community is not a monotonic movement instead it constitute with group of many cultures. They all converge to the same motto by one way or another. They all are emotionally attached to the tools they use.

    A Cartoon strip on editors
    A Cartoon strip on editors

    Check this out. This is very interesting cartoon strip. I ((Shishir Sharma ‘criss’)) am a hard fan of vim ((vi improved, click here)) . but i still like both Emacs and vim. And by the way notepad++ is not bad at all.

    Have fun

    Shishir Sharma ‘criss’

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    मौकों मैं शिरकत ना होती, नज़रों मैं नज़ारे ना होते |
    जो हम ना होते इस दुनिया में, इन हुस्न वालों के गुज़रे ना होते ||
    — शिशिर शर्मा ‘क्रिस’ ((Shishir Sharma ‘criss’))

    मैं चाहता था की मैं हिंदी मैं बहुत कुछ लिखूं, पर मैं हाल फिलहाल तो कुछ नहीं लिख पा रहा | पर हो सकता है मैं कुछ समय निकाल कर हिंदी मैं और भी कुछ लिखूं | तब तक के लिए अलविदा |

    EFL Review Software Windows

    SurF – Next gereration File Manager

    SurF – Next Generation File Manager ((Shishir Sharma ‘criss’))

    Forget the days when we have to use the multilevel task bar in windows. The author Sergey Vlasov ((Sergey Vlasov <glider [at]>)) is a nice man to give away such a good utility. This a very useful tool for guys like me how have to work with multiple file managers open and with similar directory structure.

    Review Software Technology

    Curl – A gentle slope system

    Curl – A gentle slope system

    Recently I (Shishir Sharma ‘criss’ )came to know about Curl Language. It’s a MIT – DARPA project. It’s a multi-paradigm hybrid functional language. Curl is reflective, homo-iconic, object oriented programming language. It supports closures, macros and declarative layouts.

    Its syntax is based on TEX and has a big set of formatting operations. Curl is very scientific language, As they state …

    “one uses the same easy-to-learn syntax to create interactive documents as to create regular text documents.”