How Emacs changed my life

I became aware of Emacs in my college days but kept using ViM, I was naive and thought no one uses Vim except me. I was proud because I was using something a hacker uses.

I actively started using Emacs in first year of my job. I was working for Curl project in Persistent Systems. At that time I had choice between Curl IDE, and Emacs. I am being inspired by all the movies immediately decided to use Emacs. Slowly and gradually I learned a thing or two about in Emacs. I learned the philosophy and learned to customise my own editor.

Emacs has a good learning curve. At first you will struggle just to close the editor, save files. Absence of tabs will confuse you. But in long run you will have deep understanding of the language/platfrom you are working on. I like Most people stared setting up emacs the way I want it. I experimented with various Modes. Since then I have worked in many languages like C++, Ruby, Python, C#, Javascript/Node; But my editor stayed same.

I have never felt limited with emacs, Partly cause I am good at using Emacs and partly I don’t like IDEs. I always find intersting people using emacs, a great example will be Yukihiro Matz, Inventer of Ruby. He shared a slideshare on Emacs, go take a look.

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