Grab the net with Arduino

How to access a website with multiple virtual hosts from Arduino Ethernet Shield. The problem is if you have used Arduino Ethernet Shield, then you know that you can connect a IP, But if the IP has multiple virtual hosts, it will only connect to default virtual host. If it is commercial shared VPS, You wont be able to make your site default.

Gist is use of HTTP protocol which allows you to define host in your request on virtual host server. Here are the possible headers.

You should also provide basic debugging info like “User-Agent” etc.



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2 responses to “Grab the net with Arduino”

  1. Abhishek Khandal Avatar

    oh c’mon , yaar , how do you know such stuff , that makes me jealous of you !!!

    On line 46 of your code,what about the “RESPONSE” , and the when connection is not established ?

    1. Shishir Sharma 'criss' Avatar

      You should/will get some HTTP response. Like 404 or 200. If you are not getting anything at all, your system might not be working right.

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