Scorched 3D

In my college days I use to play Pocket Tanks, which is actually a copy of game Scorched Earth. I always wished if we could play pocket tank in multi-player mode in 3D until is came across Scorched 3D. This is an excellent office time killing game. You can play it with frequent pauses as other player cant get turn until you finish. Beware this game is very addictive.


  • Three dimensional landscape
  • Animated jets, naval vessels, water, and even birds
  • Detailed tanks and projectiles
  • LAN and internet play
  • Music
  • Totally free to play (GPLed)
  • Available for both Microsoft Windows and Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris etc.)
  • Learning how to play is easy


  • Addictive
  • Irresistible
  • Too cute

I can not explain you how good is this game. You must try it yourself. As they say:

Scorched 3D is a simple turn-based artillery game and also a real-time strategy game in which players can counter each others’ weapons with other creative accessories, shields and tactics. Learn skill in timing, aiming and judgment, move around on the landscape, or even out-smart your opponent economically.

I am sure you will go back to your childhood. Enjoy and Have fun. BOOM.

Published by Shishir Sharma

Shishir Sharma is a husband, hacker, biker. Bachelor of electronics & communication engineering by training. He is a visionary, mentor, problem solver, technology enthusiast. He can speak in Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP; Fluent in C, C++. He is a moderator at LUG-Jaipur. He loves action movies and FPS games.

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