2009 Pulsar 150 specifications

I am a proud owner of 2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi. I rarely find complete specification on Internet so I uploaded myself.

2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi
2009 Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi

Engine Type 4 stroke, Single Cylinder, Natural air cooled.
Bore x Stroke 58.00mm x 56.40mm
Engine Displacement 149.01 cc
Compression Ration 9.5 +/- 0.5 : 1
Maximum Net Power 14.09 @ 8500 rpm
Maximum Net Torque 12.76 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Ignition System Microprocessor controlled digital CDI
Spark Plug 2 x Champion RG 4 HC.
Spark Plug Gap 0.6mm to 0.8mm
Lubrication Wet sump, Forced.
Transmission 5 speed constant mesh.
Fuel Tank Full: 15 liters. Reserve: 3.2 liters (2 liters usable)
Dimensions: Length 2055 mm
Width 790 mm
Height 1100 mm
Wheelbase 1320 mm
Minimum turning radius 2320 mm
Minimum Round clearance 165 mm
Weight Vehicle Kerb Weight 143 Kg.
Gross Vehicle Weight 273 Kg.
Suspension Front Telescopic, 135 mm stroke
Rear Triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable with 105 mm travel Nitrox shock absorbers
Brakes Front Disc Type. 240 mm Disc.
Rear Mechanically expanding shoe & drum type.130 mm Drum.
Tyre Front 90/90 x 17, 41P – Tube
Rear 100/90 x 17, 55P – Tube
Front 1.75 Kg/cm2 (25 PSI)
Rear (Solo) 2.00 Kg/cm2 (28.5 PSI)
Rear (Pillion) 2.25 Kg/cm2 (32 PSI)
Electrical Battery 12V Full DC
Head Lamp (Low/High Beam – Watts) 35W / 35W with 2 Pilot Lamps
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 Ltrs
Reserve 3.2 Ltrs (2 Ltrs Usable)


25 responses to “2009 Pulsar 150 specifications”

  1. Gurmeet Avatar

    Very interesting post. Pulsar 150 is the best bike in its segment and much better in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

  2. vamsi Avatar

    hy i buys ths bike its just gud realy im drivng rashly but its givng 48pr letter gud i love it

  3. Best.

    Hay!!! Hi from Russia!!

    Hi!!! Hello from Russia!! Just Marry Cristmas!!…

  4. Bid

    Good post once again!…

  5. Tabitha Trainham Avatar
    Tabitha Trainham

    I appreciate all the work you’ve put into your site! I’m going to Tweet this out to my followers… Definitely worth passing on!

  6. Anilkumar Avatar

    I want to know about the petrol tank capacity. Is the tank capacity is 18 litres excluding reserve or its 15 litres including reserve.

    please let me know

    1. Shishir Sharma Avatar

      It is 18 liters including Reserve. From reserve 3.2 liters 1.2 liters is not usable.

  7. munaf Avatar

    The photo which you have displayed is not 2009 model. Its 2010 model.

    1. Shishir Sharma Avatar

      Why? Just cause it was all black ?

  8. Abhishek Avatar

    So if I’m reading this right, the complete capacity of fuel here is 18.2 l of which 17 l is usable. In other words if I’m to get my tank fully filled, it should not be more than 17 l, is this right?

    1. Shishir Sharma Avatar

      Yap. but it might me slightly less then that.

  9. PRINCE AGNEL Avatar

    thanks for your information
    and also a question for you can i drive my bike in ON .at having only 3 litres at my tank for ???????????
    but then to it covered almost 100 km having it kept on — ON then for a change means turned it to reserve and to only for a small distance it covered and started making a noise frm engine so i came to know that the petrol is empty by my thought n stop the engine

    so please let me know the perfect usage of the fuel by how to fill n use it according pls pls pls pls pls

    1. Shishir Sharma Avatar

      If you are not using your bike in reserve(not moving fuel knob) then Pulsar has tendency of accumulating water in the tank. Its perfectly normal usually not harmful. In case that happens. You can turn off fuel knob and unscrew a small screw near carburetor there. This will flush your carburetor. If any water that will flush through a small plastic overflow pipe.

      If you think that there was no patrol in tank during ‘On’ position, And low fuel ‘Red’ light did not turn on. You need to get your patrol sensor checked.

  10. Nabeel Avatar


  11. suman Avatar

    This bike tanke capacity 18 or 15 litter

    1. Shishir Sharma Avatar

      As spec says, This model has 18Litter capacity but not all is usable.

  12. Shaikh imran Avatar
    Shaikh imran

    Pulsar 150 dtsi is very powerfull bike its average is 40 to 45 kmms

  13. Arunkrishnan Avatar

    Somebody says that pulsar150 is an average bike.somebody says it has engine problem.what is your opinion

    1. Shishir Sharma Avatar

      Any bike can develop an engine problem (If not rode properly). It’s a average bike, Yes, Is it expensive, No, Does this gives the value for money you are paying, Yes. You will get more then you pay, Yes. Will it beat Duke 200, No!.


    very nice bike friends.

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  16. iqbal Avatar

    Why pulsar 150 engine sound changed when running after 5 or 10 km

  17. abhishek mishra Avatar
    abhishek mishra

    No have 45milege

  18. Karnav B Pargi Avatar
    Karnav B Pargi

    Carburettor Specification Please

  19. Sush k. Avatar
    Sush k.

    I have a Pulsar 2009 too. I am happy with it. I just want to know that can I buy 90/90-17 49 p tubeless tyre for my bike? Or I wll go for regular tyre?
    What is 2.75-17 tyre?

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