Best browser – Mozilla Firefox

A dream browser – Mozilla Firefox

So which browser you all like chrome, Opera, konqueror or MS-IE. I like Firefox, why? … there are thousand reasons for that, each one of them is singly enough for switching to Firefox. Not convinced humm… let me explan you.

When you download a fresh Firefox installer, it is just a engine with minimalist body but with lots of power like a Porsche. You have to customize it in order to get what you want.

Here is what I have done with my Firefox.

add ons

  • Tiny menu. (Move all the contents of Navigation bar to Menu bar and remove it).
  • Foxtabs.
  • Firebug
  • Fast Dial
  • Obliquity
  • Cooliris  (eye candy)


  • Fireftp
  • Chatzilla
  • Spiderzilla (Not active in developement)

Try these add ons and tell me if you like them.

By Shishir Sharma

Shishir Sharma is a husband, hacker, biker. Bachelor of electronics & communication engineering by training. He is a visionary, mentor, problem solver, technology enthusiast. He can speak in Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP; Fluent in C, C++. He is a moderator at LUG-Jaipur. He loves action movies and FPS games.

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It is really nice written article from you guys. I would suggest it to everyone who wants to read and learn more. There is so many helpful information’s which I couldn’t find on other websites and other similar blogs. Thank You for that. Mozilla is really the best.

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