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DropBox – Just drop in it.

Now Web share/Web drive/File upload is no just a matter of few clicks. Dropbox has made it easy like just droping it in a box. When I (Shishir criss Sharma) saw its video on Dropbox website, i just dropped my jaws.

DropBox is a web based data storage and share tool. Its like your web drive. Dropbox is currently available for OS X, Windows and Linux. It never deletes anything you uploaded. It will only transfer the diff of the newer file so saving considerable bandwidth. Also it can save all the previous versions. It also has a web interface. So it can be accessed from any where. The free account will give you 2GB storage for free.

Dropbox received great writeups in TechCrunch, GigaOm and Venturebeat and to our surprise, our screencast hit the top of both digg and reddit, with the screencast receiving 11,000 diggs and ranking among the top 10 of technology articles in the past year.

They have there blog since December of last year. And a well maintained forum is there for support. What they say about themselves is …

So, what do people use Dropbox for? We have people sharing documents between their colleagues at work, grandparents sharing pictures of their grand kids with the rest of their family, and students utilizing our versioning feature for projects. The possibilities are really only limited by imagination and, well… bandwidth. The team at Dropbox continues to be amazed at how many of our users find new and novel ways of… thinking outside the (Drop)box. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Well I liked it. Hope you will also like it.

By Shishir Sharma

Shishir Sharma is a husband, hacker, biker. Bachelor of electronics & communication engineering by training. He is a visionary, mentor, problem solver, technology enthusiast. He can speak in Javascript, Ruby, Python, PHP; Fluent in C, C++. He is a moderator at LUG-Jaipur. He loves action movies and FPS games.

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Well, its nice … I like drop Box….. but I also recommend
Windows Live Skydrive
…. u can access at
its quite good from microsoft …. although I hate microsoft things… but this is one of the few things which I like from microsoft……

Keep it up Buddy……

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