WordPress v3.2

I am just trying out this new WordPress version 3.2, It has a awesome full screen editor. It lets you focus on your writing. You can really write in peace with a blank screen. Gives you a great feel. I really liked it. This is by far the best WordPress you can get.

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Go to the bottom of the facebook.com home page and then change language to leet speak. 3nj0`/ 7}{3 4w350m3 3xp3r13n<3 1n l337. h4v3 ph’_’// 4nd 5pr34d 73h H4x0R3r (u17uR3.

Sushi irc suite

If you are not satisfied with the xchat, pidgin and chatzilla and looking for innovation in IRC chat client, check out this cool irc client suite Sushi