Clan War – Let it begin

slideshare is famous as a presentation and document sharing platform. But very few people around know about slideshare‘s love for first persone shooters. It’s a daily evening trend now. If slideshare is not down then there must be a UrT match going on in delhi office. It has reached to the extent that now we have two in-house clans, each consisting of five players. It has opened possibility of five verses five clan matches.

Jeba(graydot), Pranav(silent_horror), Jai(*thunder), Tushar(zombi), Kanav(Ka_boom) and I(cpt) are in one team and Prafulla(Element), Sahil(Engassa), Arpit(cctv), Shirsendu(Toy_da_virus) and Ankur(danger) are in the other one. Kapil(anachronox) will use auto join. 🙂

Suggest me names guys.


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