Net neutrality

I was shocked to find that DOT (Department of Technology, India) has blocked major file sharing websites. This clearly is a failure of democracy in india. This proves either india does not care about Internet neutrality or India does not have infra to take right action.

Thank god I live in India. These efforts are not very effective. But they are philosophically wrong. What is this? school! where they police what we will do on internet.

Some will say this is only way to counter piracy, but I feel this is primitive and caveman’s way of moderating a civilized society. What do you say.

4 Replies to “Net neutrality”

  1. Bhai this sounds like I’m back in school where EVERYTHING is blocked except for google. I feel like there is no particular reason for DOT to do something like this, if we are living in a freakin’ democracy then why can’t we have the liberty to access these websites and do file sharing easily. As well as security is considered, well India has been in the hands of corruption and violation as long as I can remember…

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