SurF – Next gereration File Manager

SurF – Next Generation File Manager ((Shishir Sharma ‘criss’))

Forget the days when we have to use the multilevel task bar in windows. The author Sergey Vlasov ((Sergey Vlasov <glider [at]>)) is a nice man to give away such a good utility. This a very useful tool for guys like me how have to work with multiple file managers open and with similar directory structure.

Well i can count SurF as yet another Perl in the magical sea of sourceforge ((SurF is a SourceForge project . SurF comes with many utilities like quick find, Image View, Tree File Manager, free typing selection, save settings, hot keys, initials/start settings blah blah blah… In short it is quit good and useful.

SurF is currently licensed under Eiffel Forum License V2.0 ((It is a GPL equivalent and OSI approved license. click here to find more)) and available for windows platform ((I don’t think Linux user even need it. as Linux already have much more superiorly designed File Manager and Desktop switcher.)) .

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